Friday, February 22, 2013

Plot Summary


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Ch 1 Foxavier is obsessed with dieting, brainwashed by junk food commercials, and battling OCD and depression. When one of the residents in his group home drops dead after taking a bite of the cake he baked, he decides to boycott hydrogenated oil, but discovers everything at the grocery contains it. Shopping stress combined with side effects result in a breakdown, and he is taken to the psych hospital.

Ch 2 Inside a Nevada Capsulsgrave Confections factory, a rat walks across a control panel causing a batch of cookies to contain abnormally high levels of 3-ethyl, 4-glycyl delicioustase benzene. The tainted batch of cookies is distributed to stores all over the world, waiting to be bought.

Ch 3 Foxavier meets Jumping Jack Flash in the hospital. After a couple of months he moves to a rooming house, and keeps busy doing salvage, taking care of Kitty, and entering an art contest. His therapist refers him to a club, where he can participate in social activities, and work units. He wins the contest, gets excited about public art, and writes a letter to Capsulsgrave Confections telling them to remove hydrogenated oil from their products.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . CHECK US OUT ON AMAZON.

Ch 4 A Capsulsgrave technician detects the mistake and reports it to the headquarters of Food United Chemical Technologies in Factory City, New Jersey. CEO Ronald Nick and a team of lawyers and scientists consider the ramifications. The tainted Ga-Ga-Roos will cause psychosis in whoever eats them.  They decide to recall the batch for “rat droppings.”

CH 5 Fox goes to the Office of Disabled Services for vocational counseling. They send him to school for fixing TV's. Fails at a job trial, and is declared obsolete. He is depressed, watches TV all day, hangs out with Dolores, Jon, JJF, and Pretty Tony. Foxavier writes a joke book, but ODS finds it offensive. He self-publishes, but doesn't sell any. Hangs with WB, Timmy, Acid Butterfly, Nick. Goes to a career counselor who advises him not to work. When Fox gets approved for Section 86, he has to move.

Ch 6 At a gas station in NJ, a guy shoplifts a pack of Ga- Ga-Roos, then hallucinates crashing his car.
At a computer store in NY, a man buys a pack of Ga-Ga-Roos, and then comes back and buys out the rest. He spends weeks addicted to the cookies.
A third pack of Ga-Ga-Roos gets passed through a chain of random people ending in a fancy restaurant where Ron and the board celebrate six months with no incidents traced back to company. Ron eats a Ga-Ga-Roo.

CH 7 Foxavier eats at the soup kitchen, where he meets Don. They plan to make money and meet women. Fox's psychiatrist raises his Normalcil. His case manager gets him into painting classes. He contracts GBS. His father sends him a Positive Thinking tape, which motivates him to make affirmation pins. Joins the Mental Art Center. Paints T-shirts and meets Plinka. They kiss.

CH 8 In Love with Plinka. Romantic date at the Oscar's. Make plans for marriage and going back to school. Plinka breaks up. ODS won't pay for any more school.
FUCT discovers the contamination was much smaller than first estimated, so they don't worry about it.
Fox receives response to his letter- coupons for free chicken.

CH 9 Plinka comes back and they plan a demonstration to protest the torture of chickens. Plinka makes a chicken suit, and they sew feathers on it with the help of people at the Center. Fox gives Plinka gluten by accident which makes her sick and angry for months. Plinka moves to New Jersey. Fox wears suit in Schwegman's by himself, and gets kicked out. Tragedy strikes, when section 86 forces him to move, again.

CH 10 Foxavier's new place faces an even bigger billboard, an ad for blueberry muffins saying, “CALL THE KIDS, I'M HAVING A LOVE ATTACK.” Plinka comes back and moves in. She gets an apartment in Fox's building. They consider marriage, but can't because she would lose her benefits. Plinka's mania slowly increase. She takes on too many commitments. Fox tries to help her control her meds, but she spins out of control.

Ch 11 Plinka turns up in a hospital in Hornell. Don drives him to visit, but she refuses to see them. Her condition, location, and phone contacts are sporadic. She turns up at University Hospital, but refuses visits. Eventually they have a good visit. Sometimes she seems to do better. Other times it seems she may never get out. Jumping Jack Flash dies.

CH 12 Plinka comes home after six months separation. They love each other. They come up with plan to protest the billboard. They make banners with the help of people from the Center. Fox and Plinka go on a covert operation to glue the banners to the billboard, making it read, “CALL 911, I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK!” The local news station shows it on TV.

CH 13
The billboard story is picked up by the national news. Ron sees it, and makes the connection to the letter Fox wrote. Ron plans to silence Fox by sending him a cookie laced with psychosis producing drugs, but when he gloats over the drug vial, he accidentally exposes himself. Ron becomes delusional, is fired, and later gets picked up in Schwegman's ranting about chemicals in foods. Ron's ravings in the psych ward lead to an investigation, which snowballs into a national scandal, and congressional hearing, where he testifies, swearing in, “I, Ron Nick.”
Capsulsgrave Confections is found guilty and pays massive fines. Public outcry leads to the drafting of a 'No Poison in Food' bill.
Ron retires with a sizable bonus. Capsulsgrave is bankrupt, but Hols'm 'n Helthy Brands is thriving, so FUCT will be fine.

CH 14 Foxavier and Plinka are happy. Drugged cookie arrives delayed. Will they eat it? Pie Girl commercial comes on, Plinka turns off TV. They go outside and work garden. Because cookie has gluten and hydrogenated oil, they throw it to the birds. It rains. They roll in the mud. News bulletin comes on radio: The No Poison in Food Act has passed. Fox and Plinka kiss, hug, and sing.

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